3G Aqua Case Study

Chlorine Removal*

3G-AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System) Leads in Chlorine Removal

High-purity alloy of noble and semi-noble metals redox media consistently remove 95% of free chlorine by electrochemically reducing dissolved chlorine gas to water-soluble chloride ions. (More information on how 3G-AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System) works.)

3G-AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System) is being used to complement or replace activated carbon filters, removing up to 95% of the chlorine in municipal water. 3G-AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System) pretreatment of granular activated carbon also extends the carbon's life and limits bacteria growth in the bed.


High purity 3G-AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System), redox media consistently remove 99 percent of free chlorine from drinking water by electrochemically reducing dissolved chlorine gas to water-soluble chloride ions. Because municipalities continue to chlorinate (and over-chlorinate) water, the market for dechlorination is growing.

Hydrogen Sulfide Removal*

3G-AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System) Removes Hydrogen Sulfide

3G-AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System) reacts with hydrogen sulfide to form insoluble copper sulfide, which can be backwashed off, or Cleaning off. (More information on how 3G-AQUA Natural Water Treatment System works.)

Removes Hydrogen Sulfide

Hydrogen sulfide is present in many water supplies. Recognized by its rotten egg odor and taste, it is a poisonous gas that can, in large amounts, cause nausea and illness or death. It is also corrosive to metals, which is especially serious in older plumbing systems that used lead-based solder.

When hydrogen sulfide passes through 3G-AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System) media, spontaneous oxidation removes the hydrogen sulfide by creating zinc oxides and zinc sulfates. Zinc oxides and zinc sulfates are defined as food supplements and nutrients by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

(During the 3G-AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System) filtration process, minuscule traces of zinc and copper are released into the water. In proper amounts, both copper and zinc are necessary for healthy body functions. The trace amounts found in 3G-AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System) filtered water are a small percentage of the minimum daily requirement for these minerals.)

Microorganism Growth Control*

3G-AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System) Control Microorganism Growth

3G-AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System) are incorporated into carbon blocks and other matrices for bacteria control and scale reduction

A major plastic injection molder if used 3G-AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System) to treat cooling water for a 60,000 sq. foot plant. Mineral hardness scale is virtually eliminated at about 25 percent of the cost of chemicals, and none of the heat exchangers have been replaced. With chemical treatments, scale continues to form in the cooling towers, causing damage to the heat exchangers, which often results in expensive repairs. 3G-AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System) provides an effective, less costly alternative to chemical treatments.

(Major municipal cooling towers can use 3G-AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System) to effectively control algae and bacteria, without the use of chemicals harmful to the environment.)

Controlling Micro-Organisms

The oxidation/reduction potential (ORP) shift from +200mV for untreated water to -500mV for water filtered through redox media controls microorganism growth. In general, different types of bacteria can only grow within a particular range of redox potential.

Water treated with one redox medium comprised of a 3G-AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System) alloy reduces bacteria and other microorganisms by disrupting electron transport, causing a cascade of cellular damage. Redox media also kill bacteria by direct electrochemical contact and by the flash formation of hydroxyl radicals and hydrogen peroxide, both of which interfere with a microorganism's ability to function.

Heavy Metal Removal*

3G-AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System) Metal Applications (Removing Heavy Metals)

Redox media remove up to 98% of water-soluble cations (positively-charged ions) of lead, mercury, copper, nickel, chromium, and other dissolved metals.

When filtered through 3G-AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System), soluble lead cations are reduced to insoluble lead atoms, which are electroplated onto the surface of the media.

3G-AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System) consistently reduce mercury from initial concentrations of 13 ppb through 24 ppb (parts per billion) to concentration levels below 0.5 ppb.

3G-AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System) is remove 94.4% of lead in the effluent water.

Removing Heavy Metals

Removing dissolved heavy metals. Redox media remove up to 98 percent of water-soluble cations of lead, mercury, copper, nickel, chromium, cadmium, arsenic, antimony, cobalt and most other dissolved heavy metals upon direct contact. The removal mechanism is electrochemical and partially catalytic.

Soluble lead cations are reduced to insoluble lead atoms and electroplated onto the surface and interstices of the granular media. Metallic contaminants are bonded to the redox alloy until the filter materials are recycled in a copper smelter.

Iron Removal*

3G-AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System) Removes Iron

Redox media alloy function as catalysts to change soluble ferrous cations (positively-charged ions) into insoluble ferric hydroxide, which can be removed with backwashing or Cleaning. With enough oxygen dissolved in the water, iron removal rates of 98 percent or better are common. (More information on how 3G-AQUA Natural Water Treatment System works.)

Removing Iron

Redox filter media combine dissolved oxygen and soluble ferrous (Fe²)+ iron. The (Fe²) + is catalytically removed on contact in the form of insoluble ferric hydroxide and ferric oxide. This also contributes to reducing iron, bacteria and the hydrogen sulfide byproduct from decomposing iron bacteria colonies.

Dissolved H2S gas gains an electron (reduction) while atomic copper from the redox filter media loses an electron (oxidation). The resultant copper sulfide is precipitated as a harmless insoluble ionic compound that's removed by backwashing.

The primary virtues of redox filter media are their synergistic compatibility with other point-of-use (POU) filter media including ion exchange resin, granular activated carbon, activated alumina, silver impregnated carbon and sodium hexametaphosphate. In fact, many POU devices are 1/3 redox filter media and 2/3 activated carbon.

Scale Removal*

"As Seen in Water Quality Products "

Water Cooling Towers operate at Better efficiency, lower Maintenance Costs with 3G-AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System)

Scale…it’s a vicious never-ending problem that can kill the overall efficiency of water-cooling systems or towers. It can also clog sand-type filtering systems and turn the sand to cement, eventually shutting it down altogether.

For industrial or commercial companies and municipalities that use water towers, cooling systems, or filtering systems, scale (along with pollutants like algae, heavy metals, debris, etc.) can cause problems for the system and destroy its efficiency.

“In typical cooling tower applications, there’s heat involved that is warming the water, and heating water, combined with concentration of hardness through evaporation precipitates the scale forming compounds as filterable solids It coats pipes, heat exchangers and has a big effect on efficiency. our system does is eliminates the creation of scale and it also removes any existing scale from a process water system.”

As water evaporates, the dissolved minerals will concentrate. These minerals and contaminants will eventually reach a concentration where they will precipitate as scale and interfere with the performance of both the tower and the cooling system itself. Typically, chemicals were added to the water to inhibit the formation of scale, control algae and bacterial, and provide corrosion protection. 3G-AQUA  (Natural Water Treatment System) eliminates the need for any chemicals. “Basically, with the reaction of the 3G-AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System), we are able to modify the crystal structure of the scale compound (calcium carbonate), changing it from calcite to aragonite,” To turn the scale into aragonite and eliminate it,

Eliminates Hard Scale

Within a water system, calcium and magnesium can adhere to plumbing and water appliances by forming crystalline scale structures. These become hard, interfere with heat transfer and eventually cause loss of water flow and pressure.

3G-AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System) reshapes these hardness ions so they cannot adhere to each other or to the inside of plumbing. Instead the calcium and magnesium ions remain soluble in the water, thus reducing scale while adding life to the water.

(Water without these minerals is flat and can be aggressive, since water in its most natural state contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium, picked up from the earth as it filters through rock strata.)

This scale reduction feature is ideal for cooling towers, hot water heaters, water lines, plumbing, ice-makers, fountains, and other water-using equipment and appliances.

In other words: If you've a problem with moderated ''hard water'', the 3G-AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System) units will soften your water, although it is not a water softener. It will change the molecular shape of the Calcium crystal so that the calcium will be unable to adhere to a surface and will flow through in the water stream. In this way no scaling should occur and the water will behave like soft water.

We know of no systems, other than the 3G-AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System), that will soften water without the need for salt or some salt-based regenerative material. The 3G-AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System) systems will soften the water without the need for salt.

How the Media Works

“3G-AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System) is a combination of noble and semi-noble metals. The Metal is given off over time and is the key to the system. It modifies the scale, and a very thin coating of it ends up on the pipe walls (plastic or metal), which serves as a corrosion inhibitor,”. “It also raises the pH level of the water system to one that is not conducive to corrosion. It actually gives off a low-voltage current because of the reaction of the copper, zinc, and water and develops an electrical field that kills algae.

“It eliminates virtually all chemical treatments. Most of the other systems out there do part of the job, but not all of it. But we have to have several different devices to take care of corrosion inhibiting, scale removal, and biological treatment.

“By eliminating chemicals, companies can free up storage space, and not have to worry about health and safety issues relating to using harsh chemicals. So our system has a lot of advantages.”

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