3G AQUA-139 is a superior liquid product developed as a bio-dispersant for cooling water applications. The product improves the performance of water systems where fouling by microbiological slimes is reducing overall system efficiency, by removing and dispersing the unwanted deposits. 3G AQUA-139 is also extremely effective at controlling oil based fouling. 3G AQUA-139 is effective in both re-circulating and once-through cooling water systems.


The product comprises a powerful surface active agents and polymers. It is biodegradable in nature.

Property 3G AQUA-139
State Liquid
PH 5.0-8.0
Density 1.00±0.03
Color Water white to pale yellow
Odor Almost Odorless
Solubility in water Soluble in all proportions

*Properties mentioned here are for general idea of the product. Actual product property may vary depending on application (scale creating media / water quality etc). WE CAN SUPPLY THE PRODUCT AS PER YOUR REQUIRED SPECIFICATIONS.


•    Effective in both re-circulating and once-through cooling water systems.
•    Designed to penetrate and disperse accumulated biomasses.
•    Assists water treatment biocides to penetrate biological slime, thereby enhancing their effectiveness.
•    Effective for the removal of oil and grease from cooling towers.
•    Control bio-films and microbiologically influence corrosion (MIC).
•    Improves heat transfer capacity of the pipes.
•    Prevents chalking of the pipes and thereby increases circulation capacity to its full level. 
•    Decreases frequent shutdowns, periodical cleaning and servicing of the cooling systems.            
•    Increases profitability by reducing extra energy, manpower, expenses and forcefully untimely-allotted time.


3G AQUA-139 should be fed continuously or slug dosed into the system at a point where it will be mixed and uniformly distributed. 3G AQUA-139 is essentially non-corrosive and dosing equipment may be of mild steel, stainless steel, teflon, polyethylene, acrylic resin or polypropylene. Dosage levels will be in the range of 1100ppm depending on the fouling tendency. Higher dosages may be required if the system is heavily fouled. Feed 3G AQUA-139 several hours prior to treating the system with oxidizing biocide for maximum effectiveness. For further technical assistance please contact MCS.


Store in Cool & Dry place away from direct sunlight


35 kg / 50 kg / 200 kg HDPE carboys and drums

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