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3GAQUA 143 is a low pH liquid cleaner designed to remove metal foulants such as iron, manganese, and aluminium as well as calcium carbonate scale deposits from thin film composite membranes. 3GAQUA 143 is buffered to prevent the pH limits of a membrane being exceeded in the event of misapplication.

Instructions for Use:

For moderate to severe fouling, 3GAQUA 143 should be applied at a nominal strength of 2% w/v. For milder fouling, or where frequent cleaning is employed, satisfactory results may be achieved at 1% w/v.

The cleaning solution should be re-circulated at the flow rate recommended by the membrane manufacturer, taking care not to exceed the guidelines for pressure.

3GAQUA CHEMICALS PVT. LTD. recommend the following flow rates for cleaning spiral wound elements:-

Element DiameterFlow rate

4" (100mm)40 lpm

8" (200mm)150 lpm


Where possible, apply the cleaning solution at the maximum temperature recommended by the membrane manufacturer.


3GAQUA 143 is available in 50kg carboys and 200kg drums. Other packaging is available on request.


3GAQUA 143 offers a variety of performance benefits:

·Compatible with the major membrane suppliers

·Superior results in the removal of metal foulants such as iron manganese & aluminium, especially when compared to generic formulations

·Contains a specialised blend of buffers, low foaming surfactants, chelants and other components to dissolve metal deposits

·Highly buffered to resist pH changes during the cleaning process

·Can be used in conjunction with other applicable cleaners

Safety precautions:

Before handling the product, refer material safety data sheet which contains detailed information about this product (available on request).

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