3GAQUA 151


3GAQUA 151is a high molecular weight ANIONIC flocculants in granulated powder form.

This product is designed to enhance liquid / solid

separation in a wide variety of industrial applications like

??Clarification, Settling

??Thickening, Concentrating



These water soluble polymers works on bridging / bonding mechanism by their high chain length.

They tie the fine colloidal particles and bind them together and form rapidly settling / separating bigger

flocks, which are easily settled or separated from suspensions.


??Superior flock formation

??Major effects yielded with limited use

??Faster settling rate & clarification

??Use over broad pH

??Superior filtration & dewatering

??Combined use with organic co-agulant or cross treatment with cationic polymer gives superior

treatment effects.

??Removal of suspended solids, B.O.D., C.O.D., and phosphate in wastewater treatment plant.


3GAQUA 151is available in granulated free flowing powder in 25 Kg., H.D.P.E. polythene

lined packing. The product has following specifications: -

Chemical Nature Anionic water-soluble co-polymer of polyacrylamide

Appearance Granulated free flowing powder

pH of 0.2 % 6.5 to 8.5 solutions in distilled water

Molecular weight Very High

Solubility Infinite solubility in water

Bulk Density Water (0.5 to 0.8)


Laboratory Fill 500 ml flask with 200 ml tap water and place it on a magnetic stirrer, accurately

weigh out 1 gram sample of 3GAQUA 151and slowly sprinkle it into water

while stirring vigorously without forming the lumps which takes too long to dissolve. It

should be further illumed to 0.02% to 0.1% solid before application.

Plant Level Add 3GAQUA 151to the water while it is being stirred; slowly add powder to

prevent formation of lumps. You can use agitator or similar device to wet the powder

in advance.

Once the 3GAQUA 151has been added, remaining water should be added

before application to make dilution 0.02% to 0.1 %.


Care should be taken while addition of final diluted solution of 3GAQUA 151. The general

points to be observed are: -

??Addition of product should be at the point of local turbulence

??Ensure homogeneous mixing of product throughout the complete substrate volume

??Addition of product should be as near as possible to the point where flocculation is required

??Excessive turbulence and possible flock breakdown after flock formation stage should

be avoided


??Coagulant aid surface water clarification

??Wastewater treatment primary clarification

??Coagulant aid dissolved air floatation unit

??Steel rolling mill waste

??Rapid settling of precipitated heavy metal hydroxide like zinc, lead, copper, iron, cadmium,

nickel, chrome hydroxide from waste in textile, metals finishing corrosion, protection, and other


??Dyes manufacturing units

??Coal washeries fine concentrate filtration and effluent

??Hot & cold lime softening plant

??Iron ore tailing water recovery

??Phosphate plant tailing water recovery

??Sugar juice clarification/filtration

??Brine purification in soda ash & caustic soda manufacturing

??Enhanced oil recovery for mobility control & polymer flooding

??Paper industry white & green water clarification

??Gypsum settling and filtration

??For floatation of oil in refinery waste water

??Phosphoric acid clarification

??Cement thickening in wet cement manufacturing process

??Clarification, thickening & dewatering of biological waste, waste from Aerobic & anaerobic,

waste with or without primary coagulants like alum, ferric salt, lime, polyaluminum chloride etc.


Should be stored in cool dry place, except when in use. Packages should be kept closed to prevent

entry of moisture. Under suitable condition of storage, this product will remain stable upto2 years.


Spills pose a hazard because they are extremely slippery.


Our experienced team can provide advice and assistance in selection of the correct grade of product

for particular application. Our team will assist you in conducting lab and plant level trial for optimum


This product is for industrial use only. The data submitted in this sheet are based on our current

knowledge and experience this does not relieve from the responsibility of carrying out their own test

and experiments neither do they imply any legal

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