Agricultural Uses of 3G Aqua

Irrigation... more crop per drop


3G-AQUA plus treated water for all irrigation purposes

Not only is 3G-AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System) continuing to solve hard water problems, but recent studies have proven that 3G-AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System) is able to substantially lower salinity in the soil - Patents Pending.

Crops are being grown and are doing well on water which is normally considered unsuitable for irrigation.

 In fact 3G-AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System) is succeeding in making the impossible... possible.

Likewise, when you install a 3G-AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System), you can look forward to solving your water problems and improving water and soil quality.

Water penetrates the soil faster

3G-AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System) treated water penetrates the soil faster. What this means to you is less evaporation and less water usage - up to 20% in some cases.

3G-AQUA (Natural Water Treatment System) Benefits

  • Lowers salinity in the soil
  • water penetration is improved
  • reduces water usage
  • encourages plant and crop growth, greater yields
  • reduces leaf burn
  • less fertilizers required
  • reduced the effects of salts and minerals in all water
  • stops scale and corrosion of water systems
  • drip irrigation lines stay clean
  • ball valves and taps operate smoothly
  • inhibits algae growth, stock troughs and tanks remain cleaner
  • provides a more useable water supply.

Reduced Scale Build Up:

Irrigating with hard water for residential, turf or agricultural purposes causes scale encrustations on spray heads, emitters, valves and irrigation equipment.

Hard water produces a layer of hard pan which acts as a barrier for water struggling to saturate the soil.

Irrigation equipment will need to be replaced more frequently.

Over spray from irrigation equipment leads to a white chalky deposit on buildings and sidewalks.


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