"My husband and I are very glad we installed the 3G-AQUA Plus. We have already noticed the difference in our water: coffee tastes better; laundry needs less detergent; turned down the temperature of our hot water heater; no more white stains on our dishes and shower doors; the skin feels softer; the water tastes better and looks clear. Indeed we can vouch that it works."

Ms. Manju Daga, Indore (M.P)

"I was using a water softener because of the dolomitic limestone in the Lansdale water supply. Since installing the 3G-AQUA units, I have not used the salt water softener and have better water than before."

Dr. Chhantbar, Gujarat

"We have found that our water pressure has increased substantially and we have softer water along with a descaling of our pipes and water heater.

Dr. Sanjay Popat, Gujrat

"Prior to attaching the devices, I had continuous problems with the effects of hard water. Such problems included calcium deposits in the shower, in the bathtub, and in the tea kettle. Also, I had dripping faucets and poor sudsing in the washing machine. after installing the 3G-AQUA Plus devices, the problems were resolved."

Mr. Vachchhani, Ex. Excise Officer, Rajkot


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